When were any contracts created? Were they valid or some other type of contract?

Business Law Assessment

Assignment: Belle’s New Car Type: Legal opinion (individual assignment)

Word limit: 1,500 words (excluding appendixes and administrative sections)

PLEASE READ Scenario, NOTES, and Assessment Criteria  in the attach files and do the tasks below:

Task 1

Explain what happened in this scenario. When were any contracts created? Were they valid or some other type of contract? If any were not valid, what could be changed to make them into valid contract(s)?

Task 2:

Help Belle develop arguments to win her case against Chuck:

  • Explain to Belle what her best arguments are if she goes to trial.
  • Explain the best argument of Chuck.
  • Explain who is most likely to win if it goes to court and why the judge would make that ruling.
  • What can Belle do to improve her position in situations like this in the future?
  • Notes:
  • – You are expected to apply legal theory, including case law, statute, and regulations, to the fictitious case in the scenario. Unsupported opinion will result in a very low score. You do not need to research the individuals as they are not real. You are expected to research contract law and provide clear evidence that you deeply understand the complex issues in the area of contracts. Unsupported opinion will not help to show your understanding.
  • – Appendixes are not expected, may not be read, and will not be marked.
  • – Your assignment should be written in 12 point Calibri font, double-spaced, full justified and emailed in .DOCX format to S..s@JohnMAndre.com (you should receive an automatic reply message) no later than the submission deadline above. Your filename should be BLaw_A1_CA1-234.docx where CA1-234 is your BA student ID.
  • – All references should follow either Harvard referencing or standard legal referencing (for example: Smith v Jones, 2012; UCC § 2-201) depending on the source cited.
  • – The assignment should have a cover page that includes the assignment title, assignment number, module title, Lecturer name, and student name, date, and total word count.
  • – Your report should be presented professionally (introduction, body, conclusion, double-spacing, full justification, etc.).
  • – You should use proper academic evidence and avoid using public websites, blogs, and the like. Google Scholar is a good source to search for US legal cases.
  • – The length of your report should not exceed 1,500 words including the introduction, body, and conclusion.

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