What role does the reform of the nation’s health care laws and regulations play in the reform of health care

UNIT IV Chapter 24 Review Questions

1. What does the National Organ Transplant Act (NOTA) regulate and what does it not regulate? 2. What kind of scandal has emerged recently related to universities and the sale of body parts? 3. What may happen if the ultimate purchase of a body part is highly separated from the initial act of theft? 4. What effect might the legalization of the market for body parts and products have? What has hindered the legalization of the market? 5. The Institute of Medicine’s report on organ donation discusses a study of individuals in Chennai, India, who sold kidneys to pay off debt. Describe the general outcomes for the kidney donors and recipients.

Chapter 29 Review Questions

1. Whether a minor has the capacity to consent to medical treatment depends upon the totality of the circumstances and the facts of each case. What criteria should be considered? 2. When do a minor’s choices take precedence over the parents’ choices? Can state law change that? 3. For what reasons do states sometimes get involved in minors’ medical care? 4. Why is it essential for medical care providers to determine and document a minor’s maturity? 5. According to developmental theorist Jean Piaget, when do most minors begin to employ mature thinking processes? What are some criticisms of Piaget’s model in the context of medical decision-making?

Chapter 35 Review Questions

1. Describe some characteristics of the research and development of new medical products. 2. Compare the requirements for new medical products to obtain FDA approval to that of generic versions. Why do they differ? 3. May clinical trial research ever be conducted without obtaining informed consent? 4. What does the informed consent process provide to participants? May informed consent be obtained from children? 5. What did a government report, authored in 2001, conclude about Pfizer’s clinical trial of the drug Trovan in Nigeria? What happened to the report? What subsequently happened to Pfizer?

Chapter 39 Review Questions

1. What role does the reform of the nation’s health care laws and regulations play in the reform of health care? Describe briefly the current nature of those laws and regulations. 2. What are some reasons why comprehensive regulatory reform clearly is needed in the U.S.? 3. The balance between what two forces must be examined so that the U.S. can remain competitive in the global health care arena? 4. In the past, Americans have resisted any limits on health care. However, going forward, what questions may arise related to potential limits on care? 5. There should be some consolidation in oversight of the U.S. health care system, but it may be difficult politically. What role do congressional committees play in this?

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