What makes a successful president?

What makes a successful president? Give examples of a president that you think was successful and a president who was not. Give reasons for your choices.
Distinguish between the president’s role as commander in chief and diplomat in chief.
Should the two-term limit for president be repealed? Why or why not?
What factors contribute to a president’s public approval? Historically, what is the trend?
How has the role of the vice presidency changed over time?
Does the two-term limit weaken the president’s ability to influence the course of the nation in the second term?
Does diversity in the cabinet matter to presidential decisions? Should it?
How could the relationship between any president and Congress be improved?
Would a single six-year term for the president be better than a possible two-term limit of four years per term?
Is there a person, currently not running for president, that you think would make a good president?

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