What is the father’s objective in creating this video and does he achieve it?

Watch Video: Facebook Parenting: For the Troubled Teen
Read Articles: Facebook Parenting is destroying our children’s privacy Facebook Safety. It’s still up to the parents, experts say
Your goal in this essay is to assess the punishment you watched in the video and decide to what extent it is or isn’t justified. You will take one of three possible positions for your thesis: yes it is justified, no it is not, or it’s justified to some extent. In order to choose a position and defend it, you will need to assess the wrong that this young woman has committed and the punishment meted out by her father. You will then examine the video in the context of the source material, synthesizing what you’ve seen and what you’ve read. There is no right or wrong answer here. What’s more important is how you present your argument, so that your reasoning is clear and your position is supported with sound logic and evidence.
As you formulate your response, try to put yourself in the position of both the parent and the daughter and consider the following as you formulate your argument:
• What is the father’s objective in creating this video and does he achieve it? • Is his response (or any portion of his response) justified—why/why not? • If you were the parent in this situation, how would you have resolved this issue and ensured that your child was accountable for his/her behavior? • How has Facebook affected our interpersonal relations and changed the concept of privacy? • Should/can there be an expectation of privacy in the digital age?

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