What do you see as the greatest challenges to recovery in this instance?

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Complete the following assignment by filling in all pertinent areas of research.  You will need to utilize SPSS for this assignment.  You may complete this assignment using the variables and topic The Focus on Sucicide.  You will then be able to follow this as a guide as well as a check-point with your instructor.  It is essential that you read through all of the feedback regardless of your score.  You will be required to submit an SPSS output file with this assignment for credit.  However, you must copy and paste all relevant output data into this document for credit.  Throughout the assignment you will see places where your tables, charts, and graphs can be placed.

You may need to go back through the document to address formatting issues that may shift as you begin to input your data.  Points will be deducted for sloppiness.  Please treat this as a professional outline used for a proposal.  Use a different, but legible, color font for your responses.


2.Whether performed in the United States or in any other country, recovery is almost without question the most complicated aspect of emergency management and the least organized. Many (if not most) of the services and funding provided under ESF#14 focus on short- and medium-term recovery, and as such long-term recovery is performed (for the most part) in a hap-hazard, uncoordinated manner. The most common negative impact of failed or poor coordination is a maintained hazard risk and vulnerability to similar disaster events in the future. Secondary effects are missed opportunities to incorporate newer technologies, better urban planning, and other benefits that may have been neglected the first time around. Based on the Portugal Fire in June 2017, answer the following questions.

Given what you have learned this week in the readings and associated material:

a) What do you see as the greatest challenges to recovery in this instance?

b) What are the greatest opportunities that exist as a result of the disaster?

c) And finally, how would you propose that the affected government coordinate recovery in the long-term?

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