What did Glaxo-Welcome do? What should they have done?

Using the attached case study “Wellcome Israel (A)” 1create a response to the provided prompt of at least 450 words, demonstrate course-related knowledge, and integrate at least 2 peer-reviewed or scholarly articles. 
The case of Welcome Israel provides another opportunity to analyze individual and organizational approach to change(s) and the impact of those changes. The case provides a synopsis of Ofra Sherman and Glaxo’s situations as the change was unfolding between these two firms. As you reflect on the change in this case study, respond to the following prompts as you prepare your response:
What did Glaxo-Welcome do? What should they have done?
Did Ofra Sherman do the right thing? What would you have done?
What was Ofra Sherman’s predicament? How did she get into it?
How do you evaluate her actions as described in the case?
1 Jick, T. D., & Peiperi, M. (2011). Managing change:Cases and Concepts (3rd ed.): McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

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