What assumptions did Gordon make regarding assimilation of African Americans in the USA?


This test covers materials from Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the discussions.

Book: Race & Ethnic Relations American AND Global Perspectives/ 10th Edition. Author: Martin N. Marger a) Read the following questions carefully and answer ONE question. Double- space your work.

b) This is an essay test do not number any part of your work.

c) Use a new paragraph for each new idea or sub-section.

–         Can racial and ethnic groups (example African Americans, Native Americans) assimilate into American society based on Gordon’s seven phases of assimilation?

–         What assumptions did Gordon make regarding assimilation of African Americans in the USA?

–         In your view, does the emerging global economy demand assimilation into one dominant culture?

–                     How do sociologists define assimilationExplain the concepts “minority” and “majority” groups within the context of race and ethnicity. Using examples from American society as part of your work, discuss as many features of “minority” and “majority” groups as you can. What influence do majority groups have over minority groups in America?Compare the key ideas of one Sociological and one Psychological theory of prejudice or discrimination.Next, show how each of the theories would explain prejudice against one ethnic in American society.


Document Format Requirements

The essay test paper must be 4 or 5 pages. Double spaced, 12 point font is more acceptable. Use the Times New Roman or Courier New font.  It is bigger and more presentable than some others. Also justify your margins as opposed to a left margin.

You must include some scholarly research information along with citations and a full reference list at the end.  Be sure to paraphrase information that you use from scholarly sources and cite them. Finally, if you use scholarly information, you must provide a work cited page. Web addresses belong to the work cited page and not in the body of your essay.

Additional guidelines for Writing Your Essay and Papers


1.      A clear and focused thesis statement

2.      Indication of good comprehension of sources used

3.      Argumentation is consistent, logical, coherent, and persuasive

4.      Evidence of capacity to evaluate arguments of others, including pro and con positions, and accounts of strengths and weaknesses.

5.      Originality, creativity

Organization and Style

1.      Good paragraph construction, showing continuity and coherence of overall structure of paper.

2.      Good transitions between paragraphs.

3.      Proper grammar and usage. Proper spelling and punctuation.

4.      Proper use of citations.

Acknowledge your sources. You cannot overdo citations. If you have any doubt, err on the side of caution. Always cite your sources.

Book: Race & Ethnic Relations American AND Global Perspectives/ 10th Edition.    Author: Martin N. Marger

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