What are the primary mechanisms of corporate governance in Austria?

  • For the oral presentation I am having trouble finding the information for the following two questions:
  • What are the primary mechanisms of corporate governance in Austria?  Are they required by legal mandate or adopted at the discretion of the company?
  • What are the primary mechanisms of corporate  governance in Kenya? Are they required by legal mandate or adopted at the  discretion of the company? 
  • In general how would you rate the overall political risk of both countries?  Are there any recent examples of political risk?  What are some possible methods, as well as potential drawbacks, to hedge against such risk?

If help could be provided for the individual component that would be appreciated – more specifically ways to hedge the risk and drawbacks for the following:

How would you compare Austria and Kenya’s corruption perception index?  What might be driving these differences?  What issues could this create?

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