What are the major differences between asexual and sexual reproduction?

What are the major differences between asexual and sexual reproduction? What is the difference between a chromosome and a gene? What are sister chromatids? How are they different from homologous chromosomes? What happens during interphase of a eukaryotic cell cycle? Be sure to describe the phases in your discussion. Briefly describe the mitotic spindle in your own words and tell why it is so important. What would be the result of a mutation that made it impossible for kinetochore microtubules to attach to the centromere region of chromosomes during mitosis? Briefly describe the five steps of mitosis. What is cancer? How can the risk of cancer be reduced in an average person? Why does meiosis require two cellular divisions? Are homologous chromosomes genetically identical? Why? What is crossing over? What is independent assortment? How do those two events increase variation in a population? Why are sperm cells smaller than egg cells in humans? Describe Mendel’s P, F1, and F2 generations in his experiments with pea plants. Describe Mendel’s rule of segregation in your own words. Why are Punnett squares useful in genetics? What is the difference between the genotype and the phenotype of an organism? What is a continuous trait in a population? What is genetic engineering? Describe one application of genetic engineering that affects your everyday life. What is the difference between genetic engineering and artificial selection?


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