week 1-2

Money, Medicine, and Health


  • Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
  • APA Format Guidelines.

Consider this scenario. You have a family member who has just been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and will need to start taking insulin injections. Today your employer shave informed you that they will be restructuring the health insurance benefit that you will be receiving. They will no longer cover the costs of medications or prescriptions. You find out that the insulin prescription is over $150.00 per vial and it is expected that your family member will consume two vials per month. What is your next step in dealing with this issue? What will you plan to do or say to your employer? Your family member? The pharmacy? Your physician?

Response Guidelines

Respond to the posts of any two of your peers. Suggest pros and cons to the plan your peers suggested. Explain your suggestions.

Respond to the discussion questions using the available resources from your text, the Capella University library, and the Internet. Make sure to include the source citations and references for any outside sources used. Your reply should be in approximately 250–400 words and in correct APA format guidelines.

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