View the documentary entitled: Ties that Bind:

  • This assignment will help you articulate some of the aspects impacting religion in the 21st century. 
  • View the documentary entitled: “Ties that Bind: Connecting Communities Across Religious Boundaries.” This assignment is due in the drop box by Sunday, September 3, at midnight. Please use Microsoft Word. 
  • Rubric:
  • Content
  • Did you cover all the assignment?Did you answer all the questions?If you are summarizing something, did you cover the entire assignment?
  • 15
  • points
  • Vocabulary
  • Highlight vocabulary or important terms found in your reading or research that are particular to the religion you are studying
  • 5 points
  • Critical Analysis
  • Make an important argument in your conclusion, summarizing your main points.
  • 10 Points
  • Total Points
  • 25 Points
  • Write response to the the documentary and address the following:
  • 1. What are the specific challenges concerning women leaders in many faith traditions?
  • 2. What are the challenges specific to women leaders in the traditions of Christianity, Judaism and, Islam?
  • 3. How can the interfaith movement help reduce the potential for violence and conflict in the world?
  • 4. Summarize Eboo Patel’s argument in the last ten minutes of the video. Do you agree or disagree with his ideas?
  • 5. What did you find personally interesting/striking in this documentary? (Be specific)
  • Documentary: “Ties that Bind”

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