Video Reflection PSYC 380 Behavior Modification

Video Reflection PSYC 380 Behavior Modification


Written Assignment: video Reflection PSYC 380 Behavior Modification

Spring 2019

Due: Sunday, February 17th by 11:59pm on Canvas

Instructions: For this film reflection exercise, you will choose a movie to review and discuss its relevance with theories/concepts from the course. You are required to construct a 3-4 page reflection paper (using 12-point Times New Roman font only, double spaced, and 1-inch margins). When reflecting on the film you will need to answer the following questions:

  1. What behavior modification theories/concepts did you see in the film?
  2. Explain the character’s (main or supporting) target behavior. How was this target behavior limiting their circumstance?
  3. If applicable, explain the plan/process used to modify the target behavior. Was this plan/process effective? Did the process improve the character’s circumstance? Is there something you would change or modify about the plan/process to change the behavior? How did it relate to theories/concepts in the book? Please explain.


If there was no process to modify the target behavior, explain a plan/process you think should be used to modify the target behavior. Explain how the plan/process could improve the character’s circumstance? Please explain.

Remember Discuss if there were/will be any incentives/reward system? How often? What was/will be the time frame?

  1. Explain what you learned from reflecting on the character’s target behavior and this assignment overall. How could you apply things learned from this assignment in your life to better a situation/circumstance? Please explain.

When submitting your assignment you must include the following at the top right corner of your paper (single spaced only):

Name Date

Psyc 380-(Section #) Spring 2019

Film Reflection


Please review the grading rubric below and please note you will be graded on the quality of your response. Does your paper have the following:

 show a thorough understanding of the course material.  show an ability to summarize using your own words.  have little to no spelling/grammatical errors.  contain your own words, not plagiarized.

Grading Rubric:

Category Description Total Points Actual Points Earned

Film Summary Provided a very brief summary of the film, showed evidence of viewing (no more than 150 words, you will be marked down if you have more than 150 words)


Film Reflection -Discussed behavior modification theories/concepts in the film.

-Explained the character’s target behavior. Discussed limitations?


-Explained the behavior modification process in the film (in detail, see above).


-Explained proposed behavior modification process (in detail, see above).

-Explained what was learned from assignment and reflected on the impact in own life (in detail, see above).

Grammar & Mechanics

Spelling & grammar, clarity & organization of writing, adherence to formatting requirements (length, margins, font, etc.).


Total Points to be earned = 45 Points


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