veto bargaining . police patrols vs fire alarms (oversight) American political culture . civil liberties . incorporation (of the Bill of Rights) due…

is there a short summary or explanation for these terms/how they fit together

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veto bargaining.police patrols vs fire alarms (oversight)American political culture.civil liberties.incorporation (of the Bill of Rights)due process/equal protection clausesestablishment/free exercise clauses.Miranda ruleobscenity.civil rightsMissouri CompromiseCompromise of 1850.The Wilmot Proviso.Dred Scott v SandfordReconstruction (and failure of reconstruction).Plessy v FergusonJim Crow laws. Dawes Act (1887).Women’s suffrage movementSeneca Falls Convention.Equal Rights codes.Fugitive Slave Law.public opinionattitudes vs opinions.framing.heuristics (cognitive shortcuts). sampling bias

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