this is university level one need clear writing and no similarity not more then 10 % Length:…

this is university level
one need clear writing and no similarity not more then 10 %

Length: Required 2000 (+/- 5 %)(Excluding references)words
Submission method options
Hand delivery (option applies to Internal only)
Alternative submission method
Write a report on HRM
practices in any organisation of your choice in Australia.
The major component of
this assignment involves the following key steps:
Step 1: Make contact
with an HR manger or senior manager from an organisation.
Step 2: Arrange to conduct
an interview with the manager about HR activities.
Consideration might be
given to the following aspects of HRM activities.
1. Approaches to HRM
2. The role of HR manager
3. General HRM activities
4. Strategic Environmental Analysis
5. Reinventing HRM
6. Recent changes in HRM

Step 3: Develop an interview schedule that can be used to interview manager.
Questions might focus on issues given above.
Step 4: Conduct the
interview with the manager. With the manager’s consent, and in order to
facilitate more accurate data collection, the interview may be voice recorded
and the interview data subsequently transcribed.
Step 5: Compile,
tabulate and analyses the interview data.
Step 6: Discuss the
results of the interview followed by a description of the manager
comments; the main aim of the report should be to offer some critical analysis
of the topics, based on the integration of the interview findings with the
finding of the previous research.
Step 7: Students are
expected to consider the managerial implications of the activities that are
potential to add value to the organisation. What aspect of the activity and its
usage are particularly improving the HRM?
Step 8: Write up the
assignment in the form of report.
The subject coordinator
may subsequently contact the manager who participated in the project and asked
to provide some feedback on the interview and the project in general. To this
end, the contact details of the manager need to be provided.

This is an individual
assignment. The aim of which is to enable the students to learn about the HRM
practices in the organisation by directly interviewing an HR
Manager and use their HR knowledge to offer some evaluation of the HRM

Marking criteria
Marking Criteria

Part 1 (3 %)
• A title page (include
your name, the name of your tutor and the title of the assignment);
• A table of contents;
• An executive summary (i.e. a summary of the whole report plus the names and
titles of the interviewees and the organisation);
Part 2 (10%)
• An introduction
(describing the purpose, scope of the report and background of the organisation
and such things as limitations and assumptions if appropriate);
• The body of the report (describing, analysing, and evaluating the organisation’sa) HRM practice b) HRM changes and c)
implications ).
Part 3 (7%)
• Conclusions and
recommendations; and
• A list of references and appendices

Presentation of the
essay should be typed format that is clear and easy to read.
Your report should
meet the following expectations:

Ensure the topic and answered clearly, use subheading etc if
Read adequate literature to ensure essay is well referenced and
Pay attention to the rules of writing in relation to paragraphing,
punctuation, spelling, etc.
Adhere to the word limit. If an assignment turns out much shorter
or longer than required, rewrite it concisely, or you may be penalised.
A margin of 5 % above or below will be accepted.
plz make sure the report look like this and
in appendix need questioner as well


your name
submission date”>EXECUTIVE

of subject matter
methods of analysis
recommendations”>TABLE OF

of numbered sections in report and their page numbers”>INTRODUCTION

of reference
outline of report’s structure”>BODY

and sub-headings which reflect the contents of each section. Includes
information on method of data collection (if applicable), the findings of the
report and discussion of findings in light of theory”>CONCLUSION

the major inferences that can be drawn from the discussion
makes recommendations”>REFERENCE

of reference material consulted during research for report”>APPENDIX

that supports your analysis but is not essential to its explanation

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