THE TROJAN WAR: The Heroes of the Trojan War

The Illiad tells the tales of the Trojan War, and relates the tensions between the armies on the Greek mainland under the control of Kings Agamemnon and Menalaeus and the Trojan warriors from across the Aegean Sea under the control of King Priam and his sons Princes Hector and Paris. Now Helen (also known as “the fact that launched a thousand ships”) is blamed for causing the war, but these boys were itching for a fight! The Aegean Sea had always been one of the best seas for trade and seafaring, and both Troy and Greece wanted control of this sea. I do encourage you to view the 2004 film Troy. I don’t want to cast judgment on the accuracy of the film’s presentation of the war because some of you may be writing papers on the film,

To answer this question, I ask that you research and briefly discuss the role of one hero from either side of the sea. What did that hero contribute to the war effort? Was the hero a reluctant hero or a willing hero?

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