The Body/Soul (mind, spirit) Controversy: Naturalism versus Christian Views

On the Jeeves and Brown attachment, focus mainly on Section 8. Thank you so much! I really need a good grade on this paper to bring my grade up to at least a B. That is why I am asking for some help. I pray you will give me great quality work.

Description of Final Paper Assignment


The paper is to be written individually (5 pages of text minimum, 6 maximum) 

Write the paper following APA style for a review paper including a Title Page, Abstract, headings in the text for organization, and a References Page (see pages 62-63 in the 6th ed. of the APA style guide for details—also see the posted handout of APA style essentials).

Topic: The Body/Soul (mind, spirit) Controversy: Naturalism versus Christian Views


Using ideas and examples from our Textbook (Kalat 2015) and the readings from Week 4 by Cooper (2000) and Jeeves & Brown (2009) and our class discussion forums, write a reflection paper describing the various positions on the Body/Soul Controversy.

When presenting differing views your summary should consist of:

1) a description of the position, what assumptions underlie the position, and what its purpose seems to be, and

2) an overview of the major themes and ideas it presents and which worldview perspective the view seems to adhere to, and

Conclude the paper with your personal reflection and evaluation of the various positions including both your positive and negative reactions as you explored the issue (e.g., strengths and weaknesses etc… of the various positions and to what degree they are consistent with or in contrast to Biblical principles of personhood)

Attached are final paper notes that I took from the professor’s answers to a few questions about the final paper that may help you. I will provide the copies of the articles for your reference once it is accepted. 

See below for how the paper will be graded.

Grading Sheet*

Physio Final Paper

*(Please include and attach this sheet as the last page of your paper.)

Category Maximum Points Earned

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