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Description : Leadership and ethics for managers

A leader is an individual who brings people together and directs them towards one common goal Anybody can tell other people what to do, but effective leadership demands much more than just the ability to give tasks to a group (Daft & Lane, 2008) Leaders assist themselves and others to do the right thing since they set direction, create something new, and build an inspiring vision It is about mapping out where one needs to go and “win” as an organization or as a team; and it’s exciting, inspiring, and dynamic While leaders set the direction, they are also required to make use of management skills to direct their people to the correct destination, in an efficient and smooth manner (Daft & Lane, 2008)

Accomplishing the aspects of effective leadership is very vital as far as management success is concerned Effective leadership involves influencing other individuals to perform their assigned tasks effectively, willingly, and efficiently When people feel they have a say in what they do and how they do it, there will be higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction By effectively planning and controlling processes and people, the manager will provide a professional and positive environment (Daft & Lane, 2008) This subsequently generates a positive attitude among employees in their various groups This kind of engagement among employees is a powerful key on the growth of any business organization Management skills and effective leadership are not exclusive of each other Becoming an effective manager involves showing competencies and qualities in the various management processes within a business organization

If a manager fails to master these aspects of effective leadership, the business will never have any direction and it will eventually collapse Lack of effective leadership and poor management skills will lead to diminished team work and lost productivity (Ahner, 2007) Without vision, guidance, and support from a manager, employees will begin to guess their responsibilities and goals or rather do nothing at all It is the nature of employees to want to know their job expectations as well as recognition when they perform a good job (Ahner, 2007) When the manager fails to set roles and responsibilities clearly, employees will start to believe that the leader does not care and therefore sooner or later become less productive and disengaged This will only lead to the failure and eventual collapse of the business organization


Ahner, E C (2007) Business ethics New York: Orbis
Daft, R L, & Lane, P G (2008) The leadership experience Mason, OH: Thomson/South- Western

1- That a risk managers may encounter who have not mastered our course objectives are poor performance and less productionWe as leaders or future leaders must keep in mind the leadership styles and characteristics of behavior Have you thought about how mastering our course objectives will support your success in management or leadership? write in at least 7 lines

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