Systems Analysis Excel-AMPL Homework

Systems Analysis Excel-AMPL Homework

Systems Analysis

Due Date: 02/10/19 11:59pm EST

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Intro to Systems Analysis

Assignment 3:

Complete the six problems listed below using the solution method identified (Excel, AMPL-Rudimentary Model, or AMPL-Algebraic Model). Final submission should include description of the LP Model generated from the problem statement and the solutions found. Provide the support file (Excel Spreadsheet with two sheets) and AMPL code used for each problem solved.

2-36 (Excel)

2-40 (Excel)

2-42 (AMPL-Rudimentary Model)

2-44 (AMPL-Rudimentary Model)

2-47 (AMPL-Algebraic Model)

2-53 (AMPL-Algebraic Model)

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