Subject: Business Ethics and Sustainability (University) Case 6.2 : Horne and Mcintosh v…. 1 answer below »

Subject: Business Ethics and Sustainability (University)Case 6.2 : Horne and Mcintosh v. Press-Clough Joint Venture and MAWU.
Most Important, I need a powerpoint presentation 10 – 11 slides answering the three questions from the case study 6.2 with lot of information about Business Ethics and sustainablity subject. The word limit 500 – 600 words.
Another very very important thing I must need a report done in microsoft word document, answers of the 3 questions in the case study 6.2. Words limit 900 – 950 words.With 5 to 6 referencesNot more than 10 – 11% plagarismBook reference -?Crane &Matten. Boycottingthe ‘baby killers’? Nestlé and the ongoing infant formulacontroversy Business ethics, 3rd Edition.
This is an University presentation and report.. I need a high quality powerpoint presentation and report.
Thank youSyed Ahmed

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