Strategic Use of Technology

Strategic Use of Technology



Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC)

Stage 1-Strategic Use of Technology

Corey Mason

IFSM 300

Marshciene Moor

31 March 2019

Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC)

Stage 1-Strategic Use of Technology


Information System Technology has now become one of the core areas in the organization due to the automation with the wave of technological advancement. The Information System Technology enables to use the technological devices like computers, telecommunication devices and etc. to store and manipulate the data according to the business requirements. Almost every organization has adapted Information System Technology because of its efficiency in the business processes. The Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC) also aims to acquire Information System Technology which will help the management to achieve its goals by employing the strategies. The Maryland Technology Consultants (MTC) management has decided to use the Information System Technology to improve the hiring process which also affects their decision making power. The report aims to explore how the Information System will be used to hire 75 new employees with the help of Information System Technology by developing a solution by improving applicant tracking and hiring system.

I. Strategic Use of Technology

A. Organizational Strategy

The MTC is planning to revise its organizational strategy by setting the long-term goals of capturing more clients and increasing their client’s base and become one of the leading Technology Consultant in Maryland. For this, the management has decided to hire 75 new skilled consultants who are experienced and skillful who will be catering to the new clients efficiently. The MTC has been hiring employees manually but its time consuming and not cost effective urging the company to shift to automated hiring process because it is faster and efficient (Cappeli, 2013). The MTC will post the ad online and the applicant will answer all the assessment areas and with the information system, the computer will itself shortlist the potential candidates saving time and resources (Dans, 2014).

B. Competitive Advantage

The use of Information System Technology will give a competitive advantage to MTC because the hiring process will be automated which will be cost-effective and save the time of the Human Resource Department. The system will find a suitable candidate as per the key areas needed for the highly skilled technology consultant. Once the company has employed qualified and skilled technology consultant the clients will be satisfied with the service which will contribute positively as the confidence of clients will be gained (Tinline, 2017). This means more projects and consequently more clients leading to a larger market share giving a competitive advantage.

C. Strategic Objectives

The Strategic Objectives are the goals that MTC has envisioned to achieve by designing a strategy for corresponding objectives as shown below:

Strategic Goal

(from a case study)


(clear, measurable and time-bound)


(2-3 sentences)

Increase MTC Business Development by winning new contracts in the areas of IT Consulting

Increase the Technology consultant contracts by a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 contracts in the next 12 month

MTC offers IT consultation to its clients, and if MTC has to increase the number of contracts they are receiving, they need to add more work force to their organization. And the new employees should be technical enough to understand the complexities of the work. For better selection, better IT system need to be used for checking the eligibility level of the employees.

Build a cadre of consultants internationally to provide remote research and analysis support to MTC’s onsite teams in the U. S.

Increase international recruiting efforts and employ 5 research analysts in the next 12 months.

As the MTC is planning to get more contracts from different regions of the world. It has become essential for the MTC to hire consultants outside the USA. They will provide their services on the basis of their experience. The consultants will be recruited with the usage of new IT system, which allows the organization to get diverse range of the consultants, through the testing and interviewing of candidates.

Continue to increase MTC’s ability to quickly provide high-quality consultants to awarded contracts to best serve the clients’ needs

Increase high-quality consultants by 15 to 7 clients in the next 12 months

For a consultation firm like MTC, it is necessary for them to keep their work up to mark. For that they have to hire professionally skilled consultants who can provide superior values to their clients. The selection of the consultants will be valued through the integration of selection activities.

Increase MTC’s competitive advantage in the IT consulting marketplace by increasing its reputation for having IT consultants who are highly skilled in leading-edge technologies and innovative solutions for its clients

Increasing the hiring of IT consultants by 100 in the next 12 months

It has become objective of the MTC to expand their business to different horizons, for which they will be going to need experts in IT consultation. The selection process is to be designed in such a that just address the client’s problems but it should also enough to compete the other competitors in the market. For this, MTC designed a selection procedure which also judges the applicants upon their level of innovation in personality.

D. Decision Making

The decision-making process has to be efficient to avoid delays and with Information System Technology the MTC can improve their decision making power regarding the hiring process resulting in a potential candidate. The different levels of management and their decisions regarding the hiring process are as shown below:


Level as defined in IS Course Reading

Example of Possible Decision Supported by Hiring System

Example of Information the Hiring System Could Provide to Support Your Example Decision

Senior/Executive Managers

(Decisions made by the CEO and the CFO at MTC supported by the hiring system.)


The CEO will ensure that hired IT consultant comply with the MTC standards, goals and objectives and have the skills to perform the assigned tasks efficiently.

The selection system will contain the contemporary features of the personality, an applicant should in him/her. To meet the goals of MTC, the qualities in the personalities of the candidates will need to be tested with the online test and interviews. For example, using question to identify the level of innovation in the candidate.

Middle Managers

(Decisions made by the Director of HR and the Manager of Recruiting supported by the hiring system.)


HR is responsible to hire so HR will shortlist the potential candidates as per their resume and submit it. The Recruiting Manager will ensure the screening process and make sure the potential candidate is chosen.

The Hiring System can provide with the information that what personality related skills a person should have? It describes the parameters on which the person needs to be judged by the Director of HR. Manager of recruiting will get information from the hiring system that where to place the newly appointed consultant.

Operational Managers

(Decisions made by the line managers in the organization who are hiring for their projects supported by the hiring system.)


The will screen the resumes and cover letters and take feedback which one is suitable

In the hiring system, the questions are added in the interviews through which the manager can identify the required skills in the applicant. The hiring system will be having full identification of the skills required to perform in the field.


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