Social Psychology AssignmentPSY 150: General PsychologyInstructions: For each example

Social Psychology Assignment

PSY 150: General Psychology

Instructions: For each example

below, identify which social psychology term fits best by placing the appropriate letter in the space.


A.     Self-fulfilling prophecy

B.     Stereotype

C.     Fundamental attribution error

D.     Just-world hypothesis

E.      Hawthorne Effect

F.      Cognitive dissonance

G.     Prejudice

H.     Discrimination

I.        Deindividuation

J.       Altruistic behavior

K.      Bystander effect/bystander apathy

L.      Conformity


1.      Bill has always considered himself an honest person, but yesterday he doesn’t tell a waitress that she undercharged him for the meal. _____

2.      A racist makes a mean remark and then later gets hit by a bus on the way home. _____

3.      Students at UNC got out of control after they won the football game, and two cars ended up getting overturned on Franklin Street. _____

4.      A white banker does not approve a loan to a black person because she doesn’t think it will be repaid. _____

5.      All old people drive slowly. _____

6.      Mary is behind a person in the check-out line who is short a dollar. Mary gives the person a dollar. _____

7.      Juan looks down on all overweight people because he feels that they don’t have any self-control. _____

8.      Anita interviewed for two jobs. She didn’t get the first one and blames it on the stupidity of the interviewer. She gets the second job and thinks that, obviously, she is the best candidate. _____

9.      Whenever I run out of gas, I blame it on the gas gauge being broken. Whenever my sister runs out of gas, I tell her that she should be more careful and keep up with how much gas she has in her car. _____

10.  A couple are fighting in a crowded subway train, and the husband starts hitting the wife. Everybody acts as if they don’t see it. _____

11.  Martha, a sweet woman who is kind and always helping other people, wins the lottery. _____

12.  A man of one race does not approve of his daughter marrying her fiancé, who happens to be of another race. _____

13.  There are no parking spaces left except for an “off-limits” area on the grass. Jim and his friends drove around the parking lot waiting, and as soon as one person parked there, everyone else joined him. _____

14.  Nicole was standing outside of a restaurant and her uncle pulled up in a Jaguar. She heard the person behind her whisper, “Drug dealer.” _____

15.  A store manager mounted fake video cameras in his store and noticed that shoplifting fell sharply during the following month. _____

16.  The waitress assumed that Valerie wouldn’t tip very well, and therefore she gave bad service, and as a result ended up with a small tip. _____

17.  When a co-worker loses his temper, you think he’s just mean, but when you lose YOUR temper, you say that nothing went right that day. _____

18.  Women who dress nicely get waited on faster. _____

19.  At a Halloween party, guests wore masks all night, and the hostess was surprised to find that everyone was much more talkative and outgoing than usual. _____

20.  When Jamal’s younger brother was finally allowed to “hang” with his older brother’s group of friends, he began to engage in behaviors he normally would not have engaged in, in order to “belong.” _____

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