Scenario You and your best friend are heading out on a 2 month vacation and plan to visit five destinations.


You and your best friend are heading out on a 2 month vacation and plan to visit five destinations. As much as you love your friend, Joe, you know that he also has a quick temper and can occasionally fly off the handle. He has been in numerous fights and has been hauled down to the local jail. Before you leave on your great adventure, you want to make sure he understands that he cannot get into any bar brawls or other physical altercations. You are going to very different countries, and each may have a very different process from the one that you both know in the U.S.

Your itinerary includes:

(a) Sightseeing in Australia

(b) Visiting famous museums and shopping in Italy

(c) Visiting the ancient Persian ruins in Iran

(d) Exploring the streets of Old Havana, Cuba

(e) Attending the Northern Cheyenne 4th of July Pow Pow and Rodeo

For this Assignment, you will write a 5 page essay addressing the scenario. In your essay, for each of the five places on the itinerary, you must address the following:

1. Identify the family of law followed by this nation/state.

2. Describe the major characteristics of this family of law.

3. Explain the general criminal process that would occur in this country, dealing with the crime of assault/battery. Specifically, what type of legal proceedings could we expect? What type of punishment might be applied if Joe were convicted of the charge?

4. Evaluate each country’s legal system and the ethics associated with their conflict resolution processes. Are the processes ethical? Are they supported by the values of the community? Do these processes lead to fair outcomes? Why or why not? Explain your answer.

NOTE: For the Northern Cheyenne reservation, assume your friend is governed by the laws of the Cheyenne Nation. The Tribal Code of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation can be located online, through a search engine.

This paper will require outside research. Please include and at least five sources in addition to the textbook to support your paper.

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