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Unit VIII Research Paper

For this assignment, you will pull together the information from your Unit II and Unit IV assignments to use when writing your final research paper.  

To begin, make sure you have the following:

 title page,  your topic from Unit I,  your outline from Unit IV,  information from the four (or more) peer-reviewed, scholarly articles on your topic that you located in the CSU Online Library, as well as any other sources you have identified, and  references for your sources.

Following your outline, write your final paper about your topic.  

Your research paper must be at least five (5) pages, double-spaced, not including your title and reference pages. Use APA style writing for in-text citations and references.

I have attached my outline as well as the topic. I only need three more pages. I have also included the references if the help.

  • Attachment 1
  • Attachment 2

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