Rs114:Yanyan 3 Pages

Rs114:Yanyan 3 Pages

3 pages due within 24 hours

Qualitative research can be an important component for building a marketing plan. You will conduct one in-depth interview with a student who is loyal to a brand/product from their home country. The product must be from a country outside of the United States and from a country different from your country of origin. In selecting the person to interview – you will have to conduct a series of pre-interviews to identify people and different products to which they are loyal — then select a person to conduct an in-depth interview. You may need to conduct secondary research to provide additional background on the product and country market. APA citation style must be used (in-text & on reference page) for any secondary resources. Note: reference page does not count towards the page limit.

In this assignment, you will obtain information about the product, the purchase influences, where, how and when they buy and use the product, how they pay and access the product. This memo will deliver and analyze five marketing-oriented insights, based on the criteria listed above, about the product. These insights, connections and key learnings, should focus on why this product would be successful in the new country market. Please be detailed in your description/analysis and how you came to this conclusion regarding the consumer and their product loyalty. In your conclusion, please make a recommendation regarding why and how this product should be introduced into the US or another country market, based on market “fit” and the unrealized market opportunity – be sure to justify why your recommendation is appropriate/good.

Although this is an individual assignment, please coordinate with your team to be sure you do interview different people about different products as you could be using these insights for your final project

Be sure to include relevant specifics and details throughout your paper – to back up your points, analysis, recommendation, etc.

Memo should be no longer than 3 pages in length, using: 1 inch margins, 11 sized Arial font, and 1.5 vertical spacing. Submit this assignment in PDF format. Please include as listed below in this assignment.

Note: points #5 & 6 should comprise the majority of this assignment.

Your Name& home country

The Person Interviewed and their home country (must not be from your home country)

Product/ Country of Origin

The interviewee’s background and why you selected them to conduct the in-person interview.

The discuss and analyze 5 key marketing-oriented insights, the facts and behaviors, that led you to each of the insights and why it is a key/important insight. Please use quotations from the interview (but do not transcribe the entire interview). NOTE: List the 5 insights as A, B, C, D & E, respectively.


Insight “A” is to deal with the area within product management outside of branding.

Insight “B” is to deal with the area within branding.

Insights “C”, “D” & “E” can deal with relevant areas of marketing insights of your choice (including additional insights from the areas of product management and branding).

Informed by this process, develop one (1) detailed/comprehensive key/major recommendation re: the product’s introduction into the US or another country market. Also include specifics and rationale/justification on (A) Why was the new country market selected?; and, (B) why is this recommendation good/appropriate?

Interviewproduct 香り袋 from Japan

Introducer Takeshi from japanI know many temples and shrine sells 香リ袋,its not just an accessory, but also has good smell like perfume, even some of them prevent bugs.

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