Respond To Price Gouging-Economics homework task

Respond To Price Gouging-Economics homework task

Directions: This is a short reply to the post below about 150-200 words

  • Include a word count on each post.
  • Keep them short, specific, and clear.
    • Use paragraphs as appropriate.

Remember to document all use of sources by using citations and references. These should be in APA format.

After looking over the video discussing the generators that were attempted to be distributed through price gouging, my thoughts on the topic is that price gouging is in actuality is a way to contribute toward personal benefits during a time of natural disaster and done for more of the sellers benefits other than the consumers. My concept from this video is no one can be a hundred percent ready for a natural disaster, so more than half of the population falls in to the victim range. If you’re a victim of a natural disaster as a victim, you should not have to dish out money because of an uncontrollable event that occur with money that’s you don’t have to spend. A natural disaster is an uncontrollable circumstance that for someone who is not a victim should not be able to benefit and take excess money from those that have lost everything under unfortunate circumstances. Graph A and graph C is what would be the best fit in a natural disaster of price gouging. All Daily living necessities such as water, food, generators, and gas would fall into both graphs A and C

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