RESPOND TO 4 STUDENTS.. There are 2 sets of responses needed totaling 4 responses.. Guided Response:Due Day 7 (Monday).Respond to two of your peers with a substantive response of at least 100 words ea

RESPOND TO 4 STUDENTS.. There are 2 sets of responses needed totaling 4 responses..

Guided Response:Due Day 7 (Monday).Respond to two of your peers with a substantive response of at least 100 words each that should either elaborate on a key point a peer has made or seek to gain additional information. Be sure to incorporate in-text citations and references for every outside source used. You are required to use scholarly resources. You may respond to either of the topics and are not restricted to the one you initially responded to.

Joanne’s post: As beinga human service professionalI am presented with a male patient age of 56 year named Sammy. The patient has problem with alcohol and that he’s been battling with bouts of depression for many years. He states that whenever he is presented with a problem, whether it be work or family related he turns to alcohol to cope with his problems. After reviewing my notes in Sammy’s case my observations, results of his Cage and MAST test, I have a challenging decision to make due to Sammy not just having a problem with alcohol but with depression also. I evaluated that Sammy suffers from Substance Abuse and Dysthymia. I based my decision on Sammy’s history of abuse of alcohol and its persistence;however,it is not severe enough to meet the criteria for substance dependence. Based upon the challenges faced by the patient I would utilize positive psychology approach such as psychological therapies and self-help groups such as Alcohol Anonymous. I do believe these options would be beneficial in helping Sammy maintain a healthierlifestyle. After encouraging the Sammy by suggesting that recovery is possible not just for a select few, the positive psychologist then begins to work with the addict to re-envision life and begin a process of self-discovery in which the patient comes to know what activities and relationships are most important to him (Seligman, 2004). As beinghuman service professional,I would follow codes of ethics that focus broadly on standards of practice that are inseparable from the behaviors and ideas that workers bring to the profession. The National Organization for Human Services crafted its Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals to consider ethics in terms of the responsibilities human service workers have to clients, the community and society, colleagues, employers, the profession and the workers’ selves. Under these ethical standards I will do everything possible to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of Sammy information. Aside from direct service with this patient I would have an ethical responsibility to advocate for client, communityempowerment, and to protest social injustice NOHS. (n.d.).


NOHS. (n.d.). Ethical Standards for HS Professionals. Retrieved from to an external site.)

Seligman, M. (2004, February). Martin Seligman: The new era of positive psychology[Video file]. Retrieved from to an external site.)

Tanisha’s post: Option 2: Professional Challenges

My client is a 32 year old woman with 5young children and she faces substance abuse and alcoholism and has failed to return back to her treatment classes or contacted her counselor in several weeks. My client has not seen her children in about 6 months due to substance abuse. Life has taking a toll on my clientshe wants to give up on herself and her children. Some approaches I would take in helping my clientis increase the frequency of contact that is given to my client if it’s a phone call, to a house visit I want my client to know I am here for them every step of the way . I also would encourage my client to contact other group members to reinforce the value of reaching out for support to not ever feel alone and think they are in this by their self. As the counselor I want to make continual efforts to follow up with clients on their day to day living. After reviewing the cultural competence elements that are identified in the National Organization for Human Services’ Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals the fundamental values of the human services profession include respecting the dignity and welfare of all people; promoting self-determination; honoring cultural diversity; advocating for social justice; and acting with integrity, honesty, genuineness and objectivity. Using these ethical standards clients should have ready access to the services they need and should receive equal treatment for equal need. This is particularly important for people who have dual or multiple problems as they are often referred from one service to another without receiving appropriate treatment. Services should be relevant and responsive to the individual needs of clients. They should be appropriate for the client’s gender, social circumstances, ethnic and cultural background and take into account any other problems or disabilities the person may have. . The client’s values, expectations and belief systems should be respected. I would consider using the Psychology approach in helping this young woman find support from other people in her community and attend group sessions. Participating in these sessions can provide a strong network of support for individuals, where they feel less alone knowing that others are experiencing something similar.

Klose, P., & Tinius, T. (1992). Confidence builders: a self-esteem group at an inpatient psychiatric hospital.Journal of psychosocial nursing and mental health services,30(7), 5–9.

NOHS. (n.d.). Ethical Standards for HS Professionals. Retrieved from

Guided Response:Your initial response is due no later than Day 3 (Thursday) of the learning week, and at least two substantive replies of at least 100 words to two different peers will be due no later than Day 7 (Monday) of the learning week. Refer to the following guidelines as you offer constructive feedback to your peers:

Identify one of the most important and/or impressive components of the resume.Congratulate your peer on that specific accomplishment, skill, or qualification.

Structure and organization.Is the resume well organized and easy to read? Can you identify sections like contact information, a summary of qualifications, education, and professional experience?

Does the resume contain well written bullet points and use active verbs? Does a position listed as “current” have present tense bullet points? Do previous positions have bullet points in past tense? Are there misspelled or misused words?

Does the summary of qualifications or professional summary list skills and qualifications present in the job description? Do the bullet points quantify tasks and accomplishments wherever possible? Does the resume contain date ranges that convey an accurate trajectory of the candidate’s professional experience?

Latroya’s post: The link of the job applied is here to an external site.)









I seek to utilize the skills that I have acquired in the field of nursing. The motivation is to be able to give service to my fellow human beings by providing health care. I have gained skills in the area throughout my engagement as a student. The passion and drive that drives me come from the realization that service to humanity is equivalent to service to God. I believe that through engaging in this career, my overall goal is to be able to serve the community in terms of providing human service in the health care unit. Having passed through the same institution, I believe that I understand the rubrics surrounding the department that I seek to be employed. I aspire to rise in the human department and be able to offer my services to the institution that I hold dear. Besides, I have served as a volunteer in public health.


I am a bachelor’s degree holder in public health. I have enrolled for a master’s degree in the area.


I am a hard-working individual who requires minimal supervision in my duties. I am reliable and able to interact with other members of the department well. I am friendly and easy-going. My primary motivation is the ability to impact on the welfare of others.I am flexible and able to adapt to a new environment.

Additionally, I am trustworthy and obedient. I also worked in various organizations as a volunteer and therefore gained experience in my area of interest. As a volunteer, I was responsible for the welfare of patients in a private health center. The skills that I gained from volunteering are an addition to what I can offer if given an opportunity to join this team.


Since my childhood days, I have always had a passion for serving others. I believe that this is a unique characteristic passed on from my mother. I have undertaken various community services in the community. Additionally, I have a bachelor’s degree in public health. I am also taking a master’s degree in the same field. I believe that the best experience is the ability to be passionate about anything that one undertakes. I have been able to serve as an intern in the university health unit. The experiences from the internship make me the best-suited candidate for this post


The job requirements demanded additional skills that I do not possess (Parker and Brown, 2014). I had to adjust my resume a little bit to fit most of the requirements that were highlighted in the job description. Here are the changes that I made to my resume after analyzing the job requirements.

I had to change some of the keywords that I had in my initial resume. I did this to adhere to the job description.

I had to change my career objectives to rhyme with the description that was given. In the job description, there was a requirement of a person able to handle students. I had to include the role that I played while at school, related to the job description.

The skills required which I did not poses include a master’s degree, experience in offering online classes, and expertise in teaching non-traditional settings to students.

I feel I do not have all the requirements, but I can handle the job.

Works cited

Parker, Y., & Brown, B. (2014).The damn useful resume guide: A crash course in resume writing. Ten Speed Press.

Shawntobia’s post:


Family Services/ Family Involvement Coordinator


Assures the delivery of comprehensive services to eligible children and their families in Child & Family Services Division programs. Assists to assure full enrollment and compliance with Head Start Performance Standards. Essential Duties -Assist with coordinating, developing and implementing a system for outreach and publicity for the recruitment, screening and enrollment of eligible families. -Assist in the development and maintenance of the Grantee Committee and Policy Council. Provide outreach activities in the area of parent involvement and adult education. -Makes appropriate referrals and follows-up on family needs using the Family Partnership Agreement and data from computerized child outcomes. Records all interactions with families in the Partnership Agreement. -Carry out all other duties as directed by supervisor.


-Leadership Skills

-Strategic Thinking Skills

-Problem Solving Skills

-Excellent Communication Skills

-Active Listening Skills

-Decision-Making Skills

-Analytical and Planning Skills





Associate, Aviation Management May 2015

Community College of the Air Force

Bachelor of Arts, Health and Human Services June 2020

Ashford University, San Diego, CA


United States Air Force July 2002 – Present

Indianapolis, IN

-Vital link between leadership and base agencies

-Key advisor to leaders and staff

-Managed daily operations of different programs

-Equipment and supply management

-Responsible for supervision and development of section personnel

-Researched and analyzed reports to ensure program compliance and performance goals

-Processed data; maintained individual’s records

-Coordinated and developed products for dissemination

-Managed sections budget; garnered additional funds


Volunteer August 2018 – Present


-Led PTSA event at middle school field day; organized meal logistics–supported/mentored 370 students

-Attended Leadership professional development; honed leadership skills–infused section w/guidance and effective leadership

-Volunteered as high school basketball game cashier/ clean up committee

-Donated clothes and toiletries to community organizations


Member, KMC TOP 3

Member, KHS Booster Club

I did alter keywords to align my resume with the job description of a Family Services/Family Involvement Coordinator After I reviewed the description, I was able to add additional duties that I have accomplished. Based off of my records, I already possess many of the skills required for a manager and leader in this profession because of the positions I have worked in my career. The description of this profession seeks a professional who is able to deliver a variety of competent services to a wide range of individuals. This profession involves coordinating, developing, and implementing systems as well as maintaining programs which is something I have done throughout my career. My work with diverse groups will aide me since one of the requirements is working with families of various racial, social and cultural backgrounds. I haven’t had much experience working with low income families, so I may require additional training. One skill I don’t possess is being bilingual. Speaking Spanish isn’t required but it is a plus. I possess many of the skills desired for this position therefore, I qualify for this position. The next step would be for me to apply.

Reference to an external site.)

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