research the potential benefits of employers providing (EAP) Employee assistance programs for employees with disabilities in efforts to make them aware and not feel alienated

I am writing to request your permission to research the potential benefits of employers providing (EAP) Employee assistance programs for employees with disabilities in efforts to make them aware and not feel alienated. The program would also help increase productivity on the job by taking advantage of the programs to provide care with decreasing the absentee rate of the employee. The program would provide options to the employee in performing their jobs. There are multiple avenues that can be explored as for video chatting, a accommodating schedule for work and even working from home. There would be short training inserts to educate employees on the laws and services that are provided. By providing training this would bridge the gap of unawareness providing a healthy and friendly work atmosphere. Assistance could be provided with co-pays that are associated with health insurance. By providing a healthy work environment and helping with adequate healthcare for illnesses this could increase the productivity on the job. Overall assisting with illness we’ll help increase productivity by having employees at work and also helping the health of employees at the same time. Information will be gathered from the Americans with Disability Act website, The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other sources from research in the online library



For the researched proposal, you will identify a problem or issue in your present or past


workplace. The Assignment objective is to propose a solution to the problem or issue, and to


present that solution to a decision-maker or group of decision-makers who can implement the


recommendation. You will support your proposal with research.


Over the course of the term, you will develop a concrete, practical solution to the problem that


can be implemented. Reference sources will be included that explain the problem, issue and/or


support the solution.


The proposal must be between 2500 to 3000 words using APA format for your Citations and


References. The proposal itself should be single spaced with double spacing between


paragraphs. The word count includes all components. The purpose of establishing a word count


is to ensure the topic chosen is neither too big nor too small. Also, writing within parameters is a


common requirement in business communications.




• Cover memo or letter depending upon audience explaining the attached







• Headline information presented as a cover page


• Table of contents


• Introduction in the form of an executive summary


• Body of the proposal – use subheadings to break up text and separate







• Conclusion stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solution


• End matter to include reference page and any other data suitable for this




section of the report


Checklist: You will want to ensure your submission contains the following:


Directions for Submitting Your Researched Proposal:


· Cover page Table of contents Executive summary.


· Statement and general analysis of the problem using research.


· Assessment of the problem from various stakeholders’ viewpoints.


· Development of the body of the proposal.

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