research paper on the Cold War and Decolonization.

research paper on the Cold War and Decolonization.
The final assignment for this course is an open-ended Final Project. The purpose of the Final Project is for you to demonstrate the learning achieved in the course by creating an original work. The original work can be one of the options in the list provided below. You are encouraged to think openly and choose a format in which you can express yourself. Choose one of the options below to complete your Final Project:
A six-page research paper.
A six-page work of fiction such as a short story, graphic novel, script for a play, etc.
A 12-slide PowerPoint presentation or Prezi that includes detailed notes, or has audio recorded on each slide.
A 6-10 minute video production. This could be a filmed version of the work of fiction, a recorded PowerPoint through, or a recorded reflection on the topic.
Any other multimedia work approved by your instructor such as a 6-10 minute podcast, webpage equivalent to 12 PowerPoint slides or six written pages, etc.
The Modern Age is characterized by a number of themes running throughout the course text and additional assignments. For this Final Project, select one of the following five themes and address it by creating an original work:

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