Recruitment and selection policy review

Recruitment and selection policy review

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Assignment 2

The Foodie Company recruitment and selection policy was written just after the company was formed in 1999. It is out of date and needs to be modified to make it more responsive to the company’s current needs.

Your first job is to review the existing recruitment and selection policy and decide where the policy could be streamlined and made more efficient, without sacrificing the need for quality outcomes and legislative compliance. You want to see:

•          Managers taking a more active role in the recruiting process, and recruiting their own staff (currently done by Administration/HR). This includes:

  • Reviewing and writing position (job) descriptions
  • Writing job advertisements
  • Screening applications, creating a short list
  • Conducting interviews
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Selecting the best applicant
  • Notifying unsuccessful candidates

•          Administration/HR’s role reduced to that of a support role.

•          Interviews conducted in the state where the vacancy exists (currently done at head office).

•          The use of panel interviews for management or supervisory roles only (currently used for all interviews). Ordinary worker positions to be interviewed by the manager only.

•          Interviews for management vacancies to be 45-60 minutes (rather than the current 30 minute standard). Worker interviews to remain at 30 minutes.

•          Use of only online job advertising (no newspapers).

•          Use of software to scan online applications to improve the efficiency of recruitment.

•          A greater use of networking as a recruitment tool, particularly for more senior roles

•          Annual reviews of position descriptions for all roles in the company to ensure they reflect the activities staff are doing

The existing Foodie Company’s recruitment and selection policy has been made into a template by the Administration/HR department to make it easier for you to critically analyse the current policy.

In this template, work through each section of Part A, and suggest changes you think would make the whole recruitment and selection process more efficient and effective. Use the information above, about what you would like to see, to guide you as you work through the template.

This part of the template is to be used to critically analyse the existing Foodie Company recruitment and selection policy and make recommendations to make it more effective and efficient. Wherever possible recommendations should reflect your determination for the company to become more digitally focused, both in terms of software tools and use of online advertising.

This current policy is too “old school.” Your task is to refine it, make it leaner, and make it more responsive to the needs of Foodie Company in the future. Refer to the background information on the assignment 1 Instructions for a guide to the changes you would like to see.  If there are areas where you feel no changes are required, state “No change”.

You do not need to rewrite each of the policies, only note the changes you plan to make.


RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION GUIDELINES This Foodie Company recruitment and selection policy was written just after the company was formed in 1999. It is being reviewed by the new CEO (you). This document was prepared by the Administration/HR department. Recruitment and selection process Summary of the steps in the Foodie Company recruitment and selection process: Position analysis – vacant or new positionDevelopment or modification of the position descriptionAdvertisement of the job vacancyReview applications and short-list candidatesPreparation of interview questions and selection criteriaInterview applicantsReference checksJob offer to successful candidateFeedback to unsuccessful candidates Detail of each step follows:
1. Position Analysis – vacant or new position Recommended changes or improvements  
When a position becomes vacant it is important to analyse the position to determine whether it is still required, or needs to be modified. Currently done by the Administration/HR department. When a position becomes vacant the following procedure is followed: Administration/HR analyses the vacant or new positionAdministration/HR determines whether the position is necessaryAdministration/HR submits a ‘recruitment proposal’ for approval by the CEO Once approved the Administration/HR department explores legislative implications and award requirements, if any.  
2. Development or modification of position description Recommended changes or improvements  
Position, or job descriptions are currently developed by the Administration/HR department using a position description template that includes: position titlekey objective(s)main responsibilities and dutiesqualifications requiredWork Health & Safety component (if applicable)terms of employment. Completed position descriptions are filed by Administration/HR  
3. Advertisement of the job vacancy Recommended changes or improvements  
Foodie Company’s advertising policy is that all positions must first be advertised internally for a minimum of 10 working days on the Foodie Company staff noticeboards before being advertised externally for a period of 7 to 10 working days. Administration/HR department creates advertisement for internal publication and posts advertisement on all staff noticeboards.Administration/HR creates advertisement for authorised external print media.After advertisement has been posted internally for 10 working days, Administration/HR lists advertisement in external print media.  
4. Review applications and short-list candidates Recommended changes or improvements  
Short-listing is a process of elimination. Foodie Company requires that all internal applicants be interviewed. Administration/HR staff to collate all résumés.Administration/HR to review all internal applications and create a list of internal applicants.Administration/HR then reviews all external applications and creates a short list of external applicants. Administration/HR advises all external applicants not short-listed by post.    
5. Preparation interview questions and selection criteria Recommended changes or improvements  
Foodie Company uses an interviewing selection technique with all interviews being conducted at head office only. Foodie Company requires a selection panel of 3 where at least 2 must be from the Administration/HR department and, if possible, the manager from the department where the vacancy exists. Administration/HR organises interview location all the necessary documentation, such as:position descriptionrésumés of each candidate being interviewedstandard interview questions for members of interview panelselection criteria for the role to be filledAdministration/HR organises the interview panel:2 members of Administration/HR department and1 manager from the department where the vacancy exists    
6. Interview applicants Recommended changes or improvements  
Interviews are to be conducted only at head office. Interviews are to be 30 minutes duration with a five-minute break in between. No more than 12 interviews should be conducted in a day. This procedure refers to all panel interviews: Administration/HR members of panel ask candidate a series of standard interview questions.Manager from job-related department only asks job specific questions.Administration/HR members asks candidate if they have any questions.Administration/HR completes the interview assessment and review against selection criteria. Administration/HR selects a candidate and gains approval from senior management – subject to reference check.    
7. Reference checks Recommended changes or improvements  
Reference checks are an important part of the selection process. Foodie Company reference checks must be conducted on both internal and external candidate by the Administration/HR department.    
8. Job offer to successful candidate Recommended changes or improvements  
Job offer needs to be made as soon as possible after reference check is concluded. Administration/HR department makes the formal job offer to the successful candidateAdministration/HR department organises written contract to be drawn up with terms and conditions.Administration/HR to post employee contract to successful candidate.    
9. Feedback to unsuccessful applicants Recommended changes or improvements  
Foodie Company requires all unsuccessful internal candidates to be provided feedback in individual meetings with a member of the Administration/HR department. Administration/HR department schedules a meeting with each unsuccessful internal applicant.Administration/HR department to phone unsuccessful external applicants and offer feedback.  


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