Read the Google case presented on page 518 of Recruitment and Selection in Canada (2016). You… 1 answer below »

Read the Google case presented on page 518 of Recruitment and Selection in Canada(2016). You have been hired by Google to evaluate its newly implemented selection system. Drawing upon this case and supplementing this by your own knowledge and research, write a memo to the management of Google that answers the following questions or completes the required tasks. The memo should be 1600-2200 words long.

1. What were the key R&S issues Google was attempting to address in its changes? What were the goals of the changes?

2. What criteria will you use to evaluate the system? What information will you need to make your evaluation?

3. What elements of the new system do you think will be effective in enabling Google to achieve its selection goals? Why?

4. What elements of the system need additional refinement? Why?

5. Are there any ethical, human rights, or privacy concerns with the changes that have been implemented? What do you recommend be done to address those concerns?

6. What other methods would you propose to enhance the new system? Why?

Before You Begin

1. Use headings to clearly indicate which parts of this assignment you are answering in each section of your memo. Ensure that your responses directly address all components of the questions that are asked.

2. Your answer must demonstrate knowledge of the course materials and be based upon or reference an authority. Clearly reference any information that you quote directly or paraphrase, including material you find in the online Study Guide.

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