Answer each question separately and use a header so that they can be identified. Please use the number to identify the what question the answer belongs to.

Must be APA format

Times New Roman 12 Point Font

A minimum of 90 words per question.

1.      DB 1: Do you agree with this statement?   “Trade between individuals, tribes, and then nations has occurred for thousands of years. Throughout the centuries, the desire to control trade and trade routes has often been the cause of conflict between countries.  Why or why not?

2.      B 1: Discuss North America as a major marketplace and business center in the world economy.  Be sure to include specific examples.  You may also include specific companies but be sure to include a reference to the organization’s website.

3.      DB 2: Discuss the essential elements of psychological empowerment? How can leaders affect the psychological empowerment of followers? What factors play a role in an individual’s psychological empowerment?

4.      B 2: What are the dangers or pitfalls that might be encountered if a multinational business attempts to be socially responsible, but only in ways that provide direct benefits to its profitability?

5.      DB 3: Ethnic ties, old colonial alliances, and shared languages appear to affect international trade. Why might this be so? If true, how does this affect international businesses’ strategies regarding which markets to enter?  Does government intervention in international trade help or hinder global business strategies?

6.      B 3: How important is the creation of international banking facilities to the international competitiveness of the U.S. banking industry?

7.      DB 4: Assume you are leading a team composed of representatives from British, Mexican, Brazilian, and Egyptian subsidiaries of your firm.  The team must make a number of major decisions.  What guidelines might you develop for yourself for leading the team through its decision- making process? What steps might you take to enhance the team’s cohesiveness?  How successful do you think such an effort would be?

8.      B 4: Your firm is about to begin exporting. In selecting an export intermediary, what characteristics would you look for?  What forms of exporting are available?

9.      B 5: What are the pros and cons of trying to use a single brand name in different markets, as opposed to creating unique brand names for various markets?

10.  B 5: Read Building Global Skills on page 497 about Bluebonnet Creameries. Respond to the following questions. Place the options in rank order terms of what you would recommend to the family that owns Bluebonnet. Discuss and potentially identify other options that might be considered.

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