Question 1 . Question : ___________ are principles of proper conduct focused on issues such as…

Question 1. Question :

___________ are principles of proper conduct focused on issues such as corruption, exploitation of labor and environmental impact.

Transnational ethics

World ethics

International ethics

Domestic ethics

Universal ethics

Question 2. Question :

In a global economy _______ move freely across national borders.




financial capital

All of the above are correct

Question 3. Question :

U.S. federal laws prohibit employers from discriminating against employees or applicants on the basis of:

national origin.




all of the above

Question 4. Question :

As globalization increases, the need for __________ increases.

affirmative action programs

diversity management


climate oriented teamwork

Question 5. Question :

__________ and ______________ have many opportunities for international exposure and experiences in firms that use a transnational approach.

Individual associates; managers

Managers; upper management

Individual associates; upper management

Managers; senior management

Associates; senior management

Question 6. Question :

Individualism is the degree to which members of society are comfortable focusing on personal goals and being rewarded for personal efforts and outcomes.

True False

Question 7. Question :

The positive effects of diversity help organizations build a competitive advantage.

True False

Question 8. Question :

The sum of the skills, knowledge and general attributes of the people in an organization is its human capital.

True False

Question 9. Question :

Organizations using a strategic approach in managing diversity train their managers to build exclusive work environments.

True False

Question 10. Question :

Firms following a global strategy offer standardized products and services in the countries in which they are not active.

True False


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