QDC 1 (WGU) Q43 TO Q53 :

QDC 1 (WGU) :


43. What is the trade-off when complexity is compromised in a problem response?

44. What problem-solving strategy should a manager use to overcome the barrier of competition?

45. A staff member addresses problem-solving situations by first describing the problem and its effects, then introducing a solution and describing its benefits. This allows the staff member to gain the cooperation of others involved in the decision-making process. What type of problem solver is this staff member?

46. What problem-solving skill is most important when solving complex and lengthy problems?

47. What condition encourages creative thinking?

48. What can enhance the self-esteem and confidence of creative thinkers?

49. Which of the following is characteristic of the nominal group technique for making decisions?

50. What is an advantage of group decision making?

51. What group decision-making process would be most efficient for a company that employs a large number of off-site personnel?

52. What is a trait of the directive decision-making style?

53. A manager likes to consider alternatives and tends to scrutinize every element of a situation. What decision style will this manager most likely use?

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