Project Proposal and Comparative Analysis For PROF MAURICE ONLY

Research the Internet for the Geert Hofstede’s Country Comparison Tool.

Select your target country from the dropdown menu. (FRANCE)

Analyze the cultural dimension indicators from your target country report.

Use the country analysis information gathered.

Complete a 700-word report or a 12- to 16-slide presentation with speaker notes (not including title slide or citations slide) that includes the following:

  • Describe the specific IT or technology transfer project you intend to execute in your target country and industry
    • Describe the project
    • Describe the industry
    • Describe the major challenges
  • Describe the comparative challenges involved with completing an IT or technology transfer project within this country.
  • Describe the comparative advantages, i.e. regionally, globally
    • Describe how the challenges and the advantages impact the viability of your project
    • Discuss how they affect your target industry
  • Describe the optimum innovation conditions needed to support your project
    • Characterize the innovation potential of your target country
    • Characterize the impact of the innovation potential of your target country on your project
  • Describe the outcomes expected from the successful execution of your project

Note: charts/graphs you construct that illustrate the comparative challenges, advantages, and innovation potential can be used to enhance your submission.

APA Format….

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