Procter & GambleCOMPREHENSIVE ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGIC ASSESSMENTFirst, synthesize the strategic issues articulated in the Strategic Fit of the Firm Assessmentand Strategic Fit with the Industry Environment Assessment from Unit 4 Compare andcontrast strategic issues and assign a nominal ranking of potential impact of the issue on theorganization. Defend your synthesis by referring to specific information in the previousanalysis reports.Next, formulate strategic recommendations to address those issues you determine fromyour synthesis to be critical to the strategic fit between the firm and its industryenvironment. Recommendations will be explicitly cast using the Strategic Frame Assessmentfrom Unit 1. Specifically, business strategy and competitive advantage recommendationswill identify costs, differentiation, and hybrid type. Corporate strategy recommendations willidentify diversification, vertical integration, and globalization. A recommendation to addressethical dilemmas will refer to the source of instability—economic, social, political, andtechnological—that is leading to societal pressure for change to enhance social legitimacy.Assumptions relative to the strategic elements of the firm will serve as a measurement ofstrategic progressExecutive SummaryStrategic Issues and potential impact on the organizationsummarize the issues from the previous reports, or others that you are now aware of. Analyze the issuesand their impact on the organization (see figure 1.1 in the text) and explain your rationale with clear,persuasive arguments.RecommendationsRecommendations address the critical issues that impact the strategic position and direction, relative to thefor Significant Organizational Impact Issues – these recommendations relate to issues with thestrategic position and direction of the firm.firmRecommendationsRecommendations are explicitly related to the sustainability for significant Competitive Advantage Issues. –These recommendations relate to the sustainability if the firms competitive advantage (business)strategy.Recommendationsto mitigate Ethical Dilemmas. –These recommendations relate to the goals and the values that guide strategic decisions.Recommendations are explicitly related to goals and values of the firm5 pagesInclude resources

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