Presenting Information, Concepts, and Ideas (Photographs) [LO-3] As directed by your instructor,…

Presenting Information, Concepts, and Ideas (Photographs) [LO-3] As directed by your instructor, team up with other students, making sure that at least one of you has a digital camera or phone capable of downloading images to your word-processing soft ware. Find a busy location on campus or in the surrounding neighborhood, someplace with lots of signs, storefronts, pedestrians, and traffic. Scout out two diff erent photo opportunities, one that maximizes the visual impression of crowding and clutter, and one that minimizes this impression. For the fi rst, assume that you are someone who advocates reducing the crowding and clutter, so you want to show how bad it is. For the second, assume that you are a real estate agent or someone else who is motivated to show people that even though the location off ers lots of shopping, entertainment, and other attractions, it’s actually a rather calm and quiet neighborhood. Insert the two images in a word-processing document and write a caption for each that emphasizes the two opposite messages just described. Finally, write a brief paragraph, discussing the ethical implications of what you’ve just done. Have you distorted reality or just presented it in ways that work to your advantage? Have you prevented audiences from gaining the information they would need to make informed decisions?


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