Presentations: Planning a Presentation [LO-1] Select one of the following topics. Then research…

 Presentations: Planning a Presentation [LO-1] Select one of the following topics. Then research your topic as needed and prepare a brief presentation (5-10 minutes) to be given to your class.

 a. What I expect to learn in this course

 b. Past public speaking experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly

c. I would be good at teaching ______________ .

d. I am afraid of ______________ .

e. It’s easy for me to ______________ .

f. I get angry when ______________ .

g. I am happiest when I ______________ .

h. People would be surprised if they knew that I ______________ . i. My favorite older person

 j. My favorite charity

 k. My favorite place

l. My favorite sport

m. My favorite store

n. My favorite television show

o. The town you live in suffers from a great deal of juvenile vandalism. Explain to a group of community members why juvenile recreational facilities should be built instead of a juvenile detention complex.

 p. You are speaking to the Humane Society. Support or oppose the use of animals for medical research purposes.

q. You are talking to civic leaders of your community. Try to convince them to build an art gallery.

r. You are speaking to a fi rst-grade class at an elementary school. Explain why they should brush their teeth aft er meals.

s. You are speaking to a group of traveling salespeople. Convince them that they should wear their seatbelts while driving.

 t. You are speaking to a group of elderly people. Convince them to adopt an exercise program.

u. Energy issues (supply, conservation, alternative sources, national security, global warming, pollution, etc.)

 v. Financial issues (banking, investing, family fi nances, etc.)

 w. Government (domestic policy, foreign policy, Social Security taxes, welfare, etc.)

 x. Interesting new technologies (virtual reality, geographic information systems, nanotechnology, bioengineering, etc.)

 y. Politics (political parties, elections, legislative bodies and legislation, the presidency, etc.)

 z. Sports (amateur and professional, baseball, football, golf, hang gliding, hockey, rock climbing, tennis, etc.)


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