prepare a business plan about bakery that is in Ballart vic. I have to make presentation. 1200 words 1 answer below »

prepare a business plan about bakery that is in Ballart vic. I have to make presentation. 1200 words chart graph etc not included. make myself jagsir singh brar owner , manager and pastry chefExecutive Summary

This paper has illustrated a business plan for Ballarat Vic. The company offers wide range of bakery products and coffee at a comfortable ambience. It aims to provide superior customer service and freshly baked high quality products. The business plan includes company overview along with the mission statement. Financial plan, marketing strategy and human resource plan has been included in this paper.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary.2

The Company.4

Products and Services.4

Financial Consideration.5

Start up cost:5

Sales Forecasting and Cost of Sales.6

Profit and Loss Statement.7

Marketing Strategy.9

Market Segmentation.9

Target Market.9


Marketing Mix.9





Human Resource Plan.12

Owner and Manager.12

Finance and Accounts Executive.12

Chief Baker.12

Assistant / Trainee Baker.13


Training and Development Program..13


The Company

Ballarat Vic is a bakery shop located in Ballarat and it is owned as well as managed by Jagjir Singh. He is also the pastry chef of the bakery. The company is intending to hire expert chefs who will be able to offer wide range of variety as well as quality product to the customers. In order to serve the customers and maintain daily operations of the bakery efficient service people will be appointed.

Mission: Ballarat Vic aims to offer high quality cakes, pastry products and coffee at a competitive price in a great ambience to satisfy the customers (Turner, 2004). Products and Services

Ballarat Vic offers freshly prepared bakery and pastry products to from 9:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. Depending on the demand, 6 to 8 batches of bakery and pastry products are prepared in order to assure the customers that freshly baked products are available at the shop. The product range is consisted of various breads, buns, muffins, cookies, tarts, pastries, cakes and coffee. Ballarat Vic will provide superior service to the customer in order to attract as well as retain the customers. It aims to develop an ambience in which the customers will feel conformable and enjoy the cakes and coffee.

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