Please read the case study and identify any problems with procedure, safety, personnel, etc. Select.

Please read the case study and identify any problems with procedure, safety, personnel, etc. Select at least two of these problems to write about for your paper. Research the selected
problems in order to explain:
1) why they are inconsistent with proper laboratory procedure and 2) how they can be corrected. Your paper should include the following sections:  â€¢an introduction â€¢a statement of purpose  â€¢a scientific assessment  â€¢a summary of your findings â€¢conclusions that provide final recommendations for the company at provide â€¢ At least 4 references  Additional Requirements â€¢demonstrate proficiency in the fundamentals of biological science by effectively communicating and participating in the design, implementation, and presentation of scientific studies â€¢apply the scientific method to make observations and weigh evidence about the strengths and limitations of empirical findings in the biological sciences â€¢apply ethical practices and knowledge of safety and health policies and regulations to make informed decisions about research use and applicationsThe final assessment for this course will be a substantial final project. To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to integrate concepts and skills learned throughout the course, apply them to a real-world situation, and develop and write a project report according the criteria and details provided in the Project Descriptions area. As you read the case study, analyze functioning of the company in terms of scientific rigor, ethical considerations, safety concerns, and health policies. Identify any problems or inconsistencies in the company that have led to current operating conditions and the public perception of the company. In your written analysis provide a review of each divisions of the company and their responsibilities. Suggest actions to improve operating conditions and public perception of the company.*Type a 4-5 page paper following the format of:
•double-spaced 12 font, 1″ left-right top-bottom margins
•Research the issue identified using at least 3 sources. Only 1 Internet source can “count” as a source. You must include a reference section at the end of your paper following a standard citation model (APA or MLA).
•The final project will be submitted in a MS word document in the classroom.
•Save your file as Lastname_FirstInitial_FinalProject.docx*Lay-out of the Final Paper
•Brief introduction to lab safety, ethics, and best lab practices. Identify with a purpose statement they key points of your assessment of the Case Study.
•Scientific Assessment: Identify problems or inconsistencies in the company. What tests or regulations should be discussed at Best Pet Test in order to ensure compliance?
•Summary and Conclusion: A comprehensive review of the evidence you presented with final recommendations for the company.

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