Philosophy of Leadership


This paper is to be critically reflective, yet scholarly in nature and exhibit and high level of competence and understanding of leadership style, approach, method, and overall theory. Because this paper is based on your own philosophy of leadership, there is considerable leeway for your discussion. However, your discussion should stay within the constraints of the overall concepts, ideas, and topics covered throughout the duration of the course.

· You are to use no less than 8 to 10 scholarly sources most preferably peer-reviewed literature.

· Web sources are not acceptable specifically wikipedia, e-how,, or personal blogs. If such sources are found to be used, significant penalties will be leveled against the paper at the discretion of the professor.

Assignment Objective

· You are to write a paper entitled: “My Philosophy of Leadership.”

Assignment Purpose

· This paper is to be no less than 12 pages not including title page and references in length.

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