PE 410-Coaching and Officiating PHILOSOPHY PAPER Your task is to develop your personal coaching…

PE 410-Coaching and Officiating


Your task is to develop your personal coaching philosophy. Include: (a) the type of coach you are (or would like to be) in relation to your expectations for athletes; (b) the style which will guide your interactions with athletes; (c) your perspectives on athletes' growth and development; (d) your perspectives on social and cultural issues and controversies in sports (e.g., deviance in sports, violence in sports, gender equity, culture and ethnicity, social class and economic inequality); and (e) your attitude toward winning. Please be sure to label each paragraph of the paper so that your instructor can readily determine which section you are identifying. It is expected that you include a description of the age group, competitive level, and type of competition you will coach.

Further, your task is to develop a double-spaced 2 to 4 page paper. In that regard, your paper will be assessed on how well it is articulated, professionally presented, and the depth with which it is written. In other words, it assumes that you engaged in some serious self-assessment, provide a substantial degree of specificity, avoided vague generalizations, and proof read it to ensure it represents your views and that it is error free.

Scoring Rubric

Specificity and Detail

____ Demonstrated a thorough, focused, and well-articulated perspective (30)

____ Demonstrated a basic view of your perspective (20)

____ Demonstrated an incomplete view of your perspective (10)

Clarity and Articulation

____ Thoughtful and clearly articulated (30)

____ Vague in representing a perspective (20)

____ Not well developed for clarity (10)

Professional Presentation

____ Spell checked, proof read, error free (40)

____ Less than 5 spelling and/or grammatical errors (30)

____ Minimally acceptable relative to spelling and/or grammatical errors (20)

____ Not acceptable relative to errors or preparation (10)

____ Total (100 points possible)

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