Overcoming Cognitive Biases

Overcoming Cognitive Biases

It is easy to be taken in by cognitive biases, especially

given that they operate at a subconscious or non-rational level. It is therefore

important that we be aware of them. Accordingly, this week’s assignment will be

a poster project in which you design warning posters. You will be creating

three warning posters for three different cognitive biases. A warning poster might

look something like this:

Begin by selecting three cognitive biases covered in this

week’s reading or lectures. Using an online tool or application such as

Microsoft Word, create three warning posters that explain the dangers behind

the three cognitive biases you have selected. Each warning poster should

contain the name of the cognitive bias, a very brief explanation of what it is,

a message on how to avoid falling into it, and at least one image. All three posters

should be different.

Feel free to be creative!

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