Organizational Culture transformation

Organizational Culture transformation

Current State of the Organization, Relevant Organizational Functions, and Definitions of Terms

With this assignment, continue drafting your Portfolio Project for this course using the Portfolio Project Template.

For this assignment:

Draft the Current State of Your Organization subsection: This subsection should be 3 paragraphs to clearly describe the target organization or industry that is the focus of your study.

Draft the Relevant Organizational Functions subsection: In relevant organizational functions, discuss in detail the areas of the organization that are directly affected by the problem/opportunity. This subsection should also be 3 paragraphs, however could be longer if additional detail is required.

Draft the Definitions of Terms subsection: After writing these background subsections, identify any unique terms related to your organization, industry, or the specific problem that require definitions to help a reader clearly understand the issues. Please note: This element should be citation-supported definitions of specific terms that are unique, not general business terms. Also remember to use the specific format setup in the template. If there are no unique terms requiring definition, please indicate in the subsection – “no unique terms required definitions for this study.”

List at least four new credible references, other than course material, that support your research efforts.

Concentrate on credible references published within the last five years. These can be academic sources, industry sources, government sources, or company specific sources.

At this point, your references list should have at least twelve credible sources listed other than course material.

Your well-written assignment should be formatted according to the APA format.

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