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Organisational Change and Development (BBMM603)



Learning Outcome Assessed: a – e.

Weighting: 30% = ESSAY

Word Limit:2500 words


No extensions will be given Assessment – 2

Essay 30%

Individual Assessment

Due in WK 6.2

Effects of Environmental Change on Organisations

In this assessments students must write a 2500 word essay on

· how business has been affected by changes in technology

The areas to be included in your essay should include a discussion on:

· Environment

o What is the external environment

o What is the internal Environment

o Who are the stakeholders

· Drivers of Change

o What are the key drivers of change

· Planned/Unplanned Changes

o Explain if the changes could have been foreseen

o Were they planned for appropriately

o Were some of the changes “disruptive”

· Change Interventions undertaken (or not)

o Techniques used

o The success or otherwise of interventions

o Types and examples of organisational development interventions undertaken

· Types of barriers faced in the businesses to change

Content should display logic, flow and cite examples and theories.

You must include:

· Research using at least 2 peer reviewed academic journal articles.

· Use peer reviewed academic journals to support any statement you make.

· Carefully select appropriate theories and concepts

· Construct an in-depth and analytical discussion

· Use evidence and examples to support your work from current news and developments around the world

· Write in a clear and logical manner.

· Cite all references using the Harvard /APA referencing system

· Prepare and format a reference list.

Your essay should be in proper format and will be assessed on the following criteria:

· Quality of analysis of the topics applying the theoretical concepts of the course.

· Creativity and innovation demonstrated in presenting information.

· Consistent fonts and logical paragraph breaks

Marking criteria

Assessment is Worth 30 marks

Report-Your assignment will be assessed on the following:


Marks 30%


Quality and breadth of the research into the selected topic. Have you justified all observations and statements? /8

Quality of the analysis and conclusions /7

Quality of the discussion, and how closely you have covered all relevant aspects of theory.


Creativity and continuity in how well your essay holds together /2

Spelling, grammar and clarity /3

General format of the essay and presentation in proper format /2

Proper referencing of the sources and proper Harvard referencing style






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