nutrition information

I have tracked my food intake for a week and uplouded a file that has nutritional info of my diet. plese write a reflection paper after studying the nutrition information you see in the file. 

this is the prof question  

“write a one – two page paper describing your nutrition habits and how well you are fulfilling your daily nutritional needs, including what vitamins, minerals and macronutrients you are not eating in large enough quantities as well as which ones you are eating in overly large quantities. Include which results you found the most surprising or alarming. Was your daily calorie intake about what you expected?  Detail any changes you need to make in your diet and how you  plan to make the changes. Include how you plan to make changes in the amounts and types of fast foods, snacks, fruits and vegetables you consume. Also include a section on your opinion of how important the role of diet is for an individual’s well being.

 The final paragraph should reflect what information you have learned from taking this Nutrition course.  Were you aware of most of the information we covered before beginning this course, or has most of the content been new to you?  Will the knowledge you have gained from this course affect your eating habits in the future?”. 


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