Muhammad Ali Writing paper

Muhammad Ali Writing paper

Your paper should be a four-to-five page typewritten (1250 words, double-spaced) analysis of the issue. A good paper will consider these questions and provide evidence from the various sources and/or your textbook to support your answer. The essay is due Monday, April 22nd. You will be penalized ten points for every calendar day that your paper is late. Note that without the paper, you will not have completed all of the requirements for the course, and will therefore be ineligible for a passing grade. Please be sure to keep a draft or copy of your paper until it is graded and returned.

While grading is primarily based upon your understanding and critical analysis of the sources, form will also be taken into account. In addition to typographical errors, check carefully for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Pages must be numbered. With regard to formatting, use standard one inch margins and a 12 point font. Times New Roman is the preferred typeface. And remember to cite direct quotations. As a rule they can be valuable in underscoring a point, but avoid lengthy and excessive quotations: they are boring. As for form, you can cite your work with either MLA or Chicago styles, as long as you are consistent. Finally, do not plagiarize. No credit will be given for dishonest work.


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