Module 5 Know

Module 5 Know


Prior to reading the articles, here are some things you might want to discuss, although you are welcome to go in any direction you would like within the topic:

Why should we care about this?

What strikes you as especially interesting about this topic?

If you have some special interest/knowledge about the topic, we invite you to share it with your group (e.g., sharing an interesting link or video).

What changes have you noticed in recent years?

Speaking generally, would you consider it a positive or negative force?

How does this fit into the context of contemporary American society?

Please remember that your posts should be at least 300 words and incorporate the thoughts of a classmate, by name.


-Demonstrates understanding of topic

-Honors decorum appropriate for a public forum (e.g., adopting a respectful tone when disagreeing)

-Employs college-level spelling and grammar

-300+ words (not including quotations from group mates or articles)

-Please remember that your posts should be at least 300 words and incorporate the thoughts of a classmate, by name. Thoughtfully integrates a group mate’s ideas (not just “I agree with Jasmine…)

Here is the classmates (name: jacob)post

“The development of new technology is one of the biggest drivers of change in reference to the landscape of pop culture. Starting in the mid-twentieth century, people ingested recent news and events via newspaper, however, that information was always a day or two old. With the invention of the television, people were now able to get hourly news updates from a variety of news sources. Currently, the invention of smartphone technology has made it such that we are constantly ingesting media from countless different outlets in near-real time through a vast array of notification systems that is linked to most of our software applications. This allows the consumer to synthesize more information at a faster rate than ever before.

Technology is a broad term for a tool or technique described to increase the efficiency or longevity of any product. Unfortunately, the pervasiveness of technology in virtually all areas of our lives had makes it increasingly inequitable to be accessed by the masses. This stratification can be described as the digital divide; “an economic or social inequality with regard to access to or impact of information and communication technologies,” (Audiopedia, 2017.) While differences between access that people have to cutting-edge technology differ based on geographic location or industry of business; the inequity is predominantly tied to socioeconomic status.

Furthermore, as the digital landscape becomes more and more complex, there is now debate over who deserves to have the most bandwidth or who has more computer skills. This concept has been reflected in the recent addition of a worldwide broadband network and the push for more STEM majors at academic institutions. I believe that as software technology becomes progressively more complicated, there will be a higher reliance on digital skills of the personnel who will be coding these systems. The ability to understand code and the underlying concepts of coding skills is something that will be increasingly more important for any young professional to know as they conduct business in their prospective industries and try to make sense of their cultural landscape.”

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