MID Assignment

MID Assignment

MIDTERM Assignment: Shared Value/Global Issues Report and Resource Handout

Individual Project: Shared Value and Global Issues in Strategy

Shared Value/Global Issues Report & Handout / Resource Sheet

· Report (6 pages)(10 points)

· Handout ( 2 pages) (5 points)

(to be shared with class)

The purpose of this assignment is to investigate how companies individually or in collaboratively employ a Shared Value S trategy enhance their own business and, at the same time address social and global issues.

You may:

  1. Choose one company and investigate in depth how they utilize Shared Value Strategies; or
  2. Choose one global or social issue and investigate how various companies have addressed this issue through their corporate shared value strategies; or
  3. Choose a shared value initiative where a company has collaborated with NGOs, Government, or other organization to address a social or global issue.

Report: Each student will choose a company or companies that have a Shared Value Strategy addressing a global social issue and write a 6 – 8 page report discussing strategic initiatives undertaken by the organization or organizations and the specific methods for measuring financial costs and social impact. Please note: It is essential that you critically analyze the specific methods for measuring financial costs/investments and social impact. (Do you feel these measures are adequate? What other methods might you suggest for measuring impact?) This paper should draw from a minimum of 5 respected resources, which may be journal articles, books, newspaper articles, websites, etc. Papers are to be written in APA style for referencing. You may include Appendices and Figures in addition to the 6 – 8 pages. The Report is worth 10 points.

Please Note : You may not choose Nestle, or Walmart, or Tesla for your project, unless you are choosing Option 2 (multiple companies) or Option 3 (collaborative initiative with government and NGOs).

Handout/ Resource Sheet: As part of this assignment each student develops a creative 1-3 page handout for the class that summarizes their research on this company, initiative or global issue and the impact of the Shared Value initiatives. This should be an attractive document that people would want to read. The Handout/ Resource Sheet is worth 5 points.

The handout / resource sheet will be presented in the second Saturday executive session at HU. You should include a minimum of 5 good references (books, cases, or significant research articles) outside of your textbook for this written report. You will do a 5- minute presentation on your topic to your class, sharing your handout. Please list all of your resources on your handout. You will need to be highly organized in your presentation, and should rehearse it in advance of the class to ensure the timing Be prepared for questions from your fellow students and the professor on your topic.

You will be graded on the significance of the resources you choose, your analysis of the company or companies’ Shared Value Strategy, and the take-away value of the handout / resource sheet that you provide to the class.

Examples of valuable information for your handout:

§ graphics that illustrate the impact of the company’s initiatives

§ list of your resources (APA Style);

§ websites that provide further information or display examples to support your topic;

§ and your summary of the importance and the implications of the issue you are addressing.

Your handout should show the breadth of your research, and the synthesis of your topic with the theory and materials addressed in the text and sessions of this class, and provide resources that would allow others to explore your topic in greater detail.

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