Message Strategies: Requests for Action [LO-2] At IBM, you’re one of the coordinators for the…

Message Strategies: Requests for Action [LO-2] At IBM, you’re one of the coordinators for the annual Employee Charitable Contributions Campaign. Since 1978, the company has helped employees contribute to more than 2,000 health and human service agencies. Th ese groups may off er child care; treat substance abuse; provide health services; or fight illiteracy, homelessness, and hunger. Some off er disaster relief or care for the elderly. All deserve support. Th ey’re carefully screened by IBM, one of the largest corporate contributors of cash, equipment, and people to nonprofi t organizations and educational institutions in the United States and around the world. As your literature states, the program “has engaged our employees more fully in the important mission of corporate citizenship.” During the winter holidays, you target agencies that cater to the needs of displaced families, women, and children. It’s not diffi cult to raise enthusiasm. The prospect of helping children enjoy the holidays—children who otherwise might have nothing— usually awakens the spirit of your most distracted workers. But some of them wait until the last minute and then forget. They have until December 16 to come forth with cash contributions. To make it in time for holiday deliveries, they can also bring in toys, food, and blankets through Tuesday, December 20. They shouldn’t have any trouble fi nding the collection bins; they’re everywhere, marked with bright red banners. But some will want to call you with questions or (you hope) to make credit card contributions: 800-658-3899, ext. 3342.

Your task: It’s December 14. Write a 75- to 100-word instant message, encouraging last-minute holiday gift s.


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