listen to the record and write a presatation about 600 words 1 answer below »

Windsor Plywood (competitive strategy focus)

I have interviewed Windsor plywood (see the attached recordings – it is separated into three parts) and asked some outline questions based on our areas of focus, I did not ask every question we had originally made up because he gave me (as you will hear) very detailed / in-depth responses. However, he did not give us enough information to complete our project, so my suggestion is to listen to the recording (which will give you a basic understanding of the companies tactics and ideologies) and expand on this!! Do your own research on the company (remember to acknowledge any sources), build reasoning based on intellect acquired from previous classes, and etc.

Now remember, the focus of our project is how Windsor Plywood approaches customer service, employee relations, communication, managerial practices, hiring practices, marketing….and how this works in keeping them COMPETITIVE in the Market. Therefore I would explain styles and tactics, maybe use comparisons to other companies in the same market (Mcdiarmid lumber, Home Hardware, Home depot, Rona), and then make known the importance and implications for competitiveness.

Each person is to prepare roughly a 2:30 min speech on their designated topic, we will then throw it all together and make it cohesive, make a powerpoint, toss some ideas around, develop an introduction, conclusion, and make it sexy.

employee relations –there may be some overlap here obviously,you should try and focus on customer motivation etc..

Kinda what were working towards here (from our purpose statement we handed in):

Statement of topics:

1.For the company Windsor Plywood, we are going to research their competitive advantage, managerial practices (how they treat and motivate their employees, multistream/mainstream), their marketing strategy, what communication means to them (channels, situations, how it is relevant to your business processes), hiring practices (what they look for in employees).

2.Purpose statement:

The purpose of our research report is to investigate how Windsor Plywood competes and stays in business with the competition of big name home improvement stores by learning about their competitive strategy. Since they are a smaller company we think they will have a different way of running their business and treating their customers which we hope to learn by visiting one of their stores and interviewing their managers. By interviewing their managers we hope to gain insight on their managerial practices, how they treat their customers and what their hiring practices are. To get information about their marketing strategy we are going to use secondary research to see how well they advertise themselves in media. And lastly, to gain insight into what communication means to them we will ask them specific questions about what channels of communication they use and how they communicate to customers and employees.

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